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    Ditch the Pacifier without ditching your Sanity

    My son loved his paci from day one and kept it for longer than I care to admit. Alexander was 2 1/2 when we finally braved the storm. With a little brother that still has a paci, this was definitely an adventure. We knew the day was coming, he was too old and we didn’t want him to have any dental or speech issues because of it. It all started when we were all laying in the bed one night and I noticed Alexander was so sleepy he was about to fall asleep without the paci in his mouth. I didn’t think much of it, we’d had quite a day…

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    Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

    Sometimes finding stocking stuffers that are actually useful can be difficult. So, I ave compiled this list to make it a bit easier for you to find some practical stocking stuffers that will be used for more than just Christmas Day.   Tool-tensils, My boys love these. The handles look like screwdrivers or wrenches, but the end is a fork/spoon. These add an element of fun to their meals everyday.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases     2.  Silicon Night Light, These are awesome My kids love that it’s a cute little kitty and I’m not worried about them trying to pull it out of the wall,…

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    15 Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

    Just when you are about to take your toddler outside to burn off some energy, it starts raining. This past summer this was all to often a reality in my house. So we made the best of it, here are some ideas for your next rainy day!   Social Links: