I’m baaaa-aack

Do you ever say you’re going to take just a quick 5 minute break, then 2 hours later you’ve been sucked into a rabbit hole of sorts? That’s how this past year feels. I meant for my hiatus to be short, hopefully inspire me on some better content to write. But, as it does, life quickly picked up and time got away from me. It’s time to get things in gear and jump back on the blogging train! All Aboard! 

What has changed over the past year? Well, for starters, the boys are now 3 and 4! (I cannot believe it!), we are expecting Baby #3 in November 2020, we sold our first home and we are currently in the process of building our next home, oh so much has happened! I will certainly be going more into detail on much of this in upcoming posts. I am excited to share the ups and downs of not just this past year but as they happen in everyday life. 

I want to keep this post short and to the point. I hope you will all join me going forward! Don’t forget you can also see updates on Instagram @mommahadenough and Facebook!




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