Newborn Freebies

Whether you are expecting your first 0r 6th baby; freebies are always a must! I remember scouring the internet and youtube for all of the stores and companies that have freebies. Here is a consolidated list to make it a little easier for you! 



This is the only freebie that isn’t completely free. First, you will need to be an Amazon Prime member or sign up for a 30-day free trial here. 

Next, you are going to head over to Create a Baby Registry 


From here you will select Registry Checklist



Now you will go through the registry checklist; adding the items you wish to receive or purchase from each category or simply checking the little box beside each sub-category if you do not want/need it on your registry. 



As you move through the list you will see categories and sub-categories automatically check off when you add the corresponding item. If you choose not to add items, from say the Carriers sub-category, you will just click the little box and it will be checked off. 



Once you have all of the categories checked off there is a minimum $10 purchase required from the registry. Either you can make the purchase or you can wait and let someone else make it for you! Whichever route you choose once a purchase has been made over the $10 mark, you will be able to come to your registry page at the very top and click to Claim your Welcome Box. The link looks similar to this, but this box has already been mailed out.



Now for the good stuff!

What might you receive in the mysterious Welcome Box?! Keep in mind that these items are changed out, as this is completely different than what I received 3 years ago for Alexander. When you first open the box up you will find a little card from Amazon, then some great items underneath! 

First, you will find a 2 pack of NUK 0-3 month orthodontic pacifiers, a 5 oz tommee tippee bottle and a 4 oz boon bottle. 



Moving on you will find a full-size package of Huggies natural care wipes and a Seventh Generation sample pack that contains samples of diapers, wipes and some great coupons!



Finally, we have a size 3-6 months elephant print bodysuit and a size 0-3 months Swaddle.  Not pictured are 2 sample size bottles, one of Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo and the other of Johnsons CottonTouch Newborn Wash & Shampoo. 


This wraps up Amazon Newborn Freebies. I would say that this is a great value for only needing to spend 10 dollars on your registry.




If you plan on formula, breastfeeding, or if you want some on-hand just in case. Signing up for Similac Strong Moms is a must! They will send you a welcome package depending on how you answer some feeding preference questions when you sign up. For the purpose of this post; I selected formula feeding. The box arrived 4 weeks or so before my due date. This box came with an 8 oz can of Similac Pro-advance, a 7.6 oz can of Pro-Sensitive Formula and a 7.6 oz can of Pro-Total Comfort. Along with the formula, they send you some coupons and an information booklet. After signing up, you will receive occasional coupons in the mail usually for $5-$20 off of your formula purchase. 







Enfamil also has a great program for moms and babies. Upon signing up for Enfamil Family Beginnings, you will receive this welcome package typically around 4 weeks prior to your due date. This time for feeding preference, I selected Breast and Formula feeding. This package contains a full size 20.5 oz canister of Enspire Infant Formula and a sample 8 oz can of Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula. Along with the formula, this box contains an Essential feeding booklet, 2 coupons for Enfamil Formula and a set of “Gift Cards” for baby purchases. Enfamil Family Beginnings also sends out valuable coupons on occasion; typically for $5-$10 off of a formula purchase. 



I don’t have any pictures of this one but if you make a registry with Target Online or In-store, you can go up to the Customer Service Desk and ask for a Baby Registry Bag. From what I remember, mine contained things like diapers, wipes, shampoo and body wash, an Avent bottle, disposable breast pads, NUK pacifier and tons of great coupons; specifically a free Starbucks drink that was my favorite. I have forgotten some of what comes in this bag. They may have completely changed it, but it is free and definitely worth picking up! 


BuyBuy Baby

This is another for which I have no pictures. I have not seen this bag since I was pregnant with Alexander, but I do remember going to the store to make my registry and getting amazing service. Once your registry is complete, they will print it out for you and attach it to your adorable polka dot gift bag. I remember my bag had an 8 oz sample can of Enfamil Formula, a pacifier, bottle, diapers, wipes, samples of baby wash/shampoo, disposable breast pads and many coupons. This bag is definitely worth your time to stop in if you haven’t already! 



There are a couple of great Rewards Programs I used as well. Huggies and Pampers have rewards programs where you scan your product/receipt or enter a code and collect points. I’ve been able to use the points to get the boys quite a lot of toys and free diapers. Carters Rewarding Moments allows you to collect points on your purchases to earn a $10 reward. 

Huggies Rewards

Pampers Rewards

Carters Rewarding Moments


All of these freebies are great for trying out different products to find what you and your baby like. I hope this is a valuable resource for you and your little ones!

Have you signed up for any of these freebies? If you received yours already, have any of the items changed? 

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