Alexander’s Monster Truck Birthday Party

Somehow between last year and this year, I forgot how much it really takes to pull together a birthday party. We were about a month out from Alex’s 3rd birthday when I started to figure out the theme and send invitations. Of course this year Alexander is obsessed with Monster Trucks, so the theme was not very hard to determine. I was on Pinterest a lot finding all of these great games and decorations that I had yet to start on 2 weeks out. When we got down to the final week before the party I was constantly putting something together for it. Goody bags, decorations, photobooth, etc. All in all, it was definitely worth it, even though I missed a few things, Alexander had a great time. Here is the breakdown…



This year I used Canva to create the invitations, I selected the image from Google and made ticket invitations. Canva is super simple to use, you can use images from their gallery or upload your own. You get to completely customize and download your finished product, the best part is it is free to use! 

The invitation I put together is below, the image is blurred to avoid any copyright infringement. You have the ability to change the colors, fonts, sizing, and position of everything! 



I looked on Pinterest and saw a ton of DIY cakes. Originally I wanted to just have the cake made, one of the bakeries would not make a two-tier cake, the second wanted to charge over $150. After that, I just decided to make the cake myself. The night before the party I baked the cakes then left them to cool overnight. I woke up at 5 am to frost the cakes and figure out how I would put them together. 


Photo Booth

I found a photobooth cardboard cutout of Grave Digger on Amazon but I also found some DIY versions on Pinterest. I opted to DIY the photobooth instead of spending $35 on cardboard. The final product did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but the kids loved it. I realized mid-party that I had completely forgotten to attach the steering wheel and headlights, but at that point, it did not seem to matter any longer. 


I took empty boxes and cut them evenly to form a large rectangle for the body of the truck and added a windshield.

Using Duct Tape to hold everything together and black spray paint to cover the outside of the photo booth. 


After the spray paint dried I was able to attach all parts to make the photo booth stand freely. 

I added a license plate and used neon green paint to add the number 3. 




With the party being Monster truck theme, of course, everything needs to fit in somehow! 

We served

  • Roadkill – Grilled Chicken
  • Dirt – Rice and Beans
  • Wheelie Pasta Salad
  • Dip Sticks – Chocolate covered Pretzels
  • Flat tires – Oreos
  • Spare tires – Chocolate Donuts
  • Coolant – Water
  • Oil – Kool-aide
  • Mud cake

Other Labels

  • Tools – Utensils
  • Filler’ Up – Cups & Straws
  • Shop Towels – Napkins



I tried to pull the decorations all together and keep it simple. We used streamers as the backdrop with a small 3 balloon taped in the middle. (I had no idea there was a Helium shortage until going to party city, so no helium-filled balloons this time!) I made the balloon towers the night before the party and used some string to keep the layers all together. We taped a Pit Stop sign to the bathroom door, Speed Limit 3 and personalized Alexander 3 license plate on the front door. We were able to make these online and print them at home. 





I had fully planned on doing party games of racing monster Trucks down the ramp and playing Pin the Tire on the Monster Truck, but we never made it to play the games, the kids were having to much fun running around on their own. However, Pinterest has some really great ideas and DIY tutorials for party games.


Party Favors

Party favors were pretty simple each bag had candy, bubbles, a monster truck tattoo, stickers and a Thank you card from Alexander. 


Alexander really enjoyed the party which above all is the most important to me.  Seeing how happy he was and how excited he got to see the Monster Truck cake makes every little stress completely worth it.

Now to start planning Allister’s 2nd birthday…What do you think of this birthday party? Are you currently planning a birthday party? 


If you are planning a Monster Truck birthday party check out my Pinterest board for more ideas! 

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