Top 10 Diaper bag Necessities for Parents of Toddlers

We have all seen those mile long lists of things that you absolutely cannot live without in your diaper bag. Some include 10 outfits and others have a full mini fridge in them, regardless, this list is meant to be simple for leaving the house prepared for a day out with toddlers. 


  1. 1 spare outfit per child – Of course in cases of small babies I would certainly support more than one, but for my toddler one has been plenty. This also keeps me from creating a wormhole of clothes that I forget exist in the bag. 
  2. A snack or two – I try to keep diaper bag snacks simple. Things that don’t need to be cold or hot. Applesauce pouches, crackers, cereal, dried fruit, etc. This way if I’ll be out for the day I don’t worry about the snack spoiling. 
  3. Diapers – As a rule of thumb I keep a full day of diapers in the bag to make sure I am prepared for whatever their tummies may throw my way. 
  4. Wipes – For obvious reasons. Sticky fingers, diaper changes and messy faces.
  5. Changing Pad – to keep them off of those dirty public tables.
  6. Hand Sanitizer – Bye bye Germs! 
  7. Sippy Cup – full of Juice/Water
  8. Mini First Aid Kit – Equipped with band-aids, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, gloves, gauze and tape; For all of their scrapes and scratches.
  9. Treat – To be used in case of Bribery Emergency – Chocolate, Lollipop, Fruit Snack, etc. 
  10. If you are like me, you always bring the Tablet for when your toddler has reached their boiling point. They want to go, but you still have to get through the rest of the grocery store, Whip out the handy dandy cartoons and relax! 





These are things that I carry in my diaper bag everyday with a 2 and 1 year old. I don’t carry only these, but these items are definitely basics for my family. 

What isn’t on this list that you can’t leave the house without? 

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