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Celebrating New Years with Kids

Ringing in the New Year is definitely different when you have kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun doing it! Here are some fun, kid friendly ways you can celebrate 2019 with your kids!


Mock New Years Celebration

If staying up until midnight with the kids isn’t your idea of fun, this is for you!

Have a party at home with the kids, get some hats, glasses and noise makers. You can set up a Hot Cocoa Bar with everyone’s favorite mix ins, Peppermint, Marshmallows, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, Salted Caramel and whatever other deliciousness you can think of, or turn it up  a notch and opt for an Ice Cream Sundae Bar! Yum! Now that everyone has had their favorite treat, you can turn on Netflix and select on of the Mock New Years Countdowns featuring many of children’s favorite characters. This way you can let the kids enjoy all the New Years fun, without missing bedtime. 


and you can still sneak that glass of Champagne at Midnight


Bake a New Years Cake

This is one of my favorite ideas, I definitely plan on making this a tradition for my family. 

Start off by getting your kids favorite cake. After you have the cake baked and cooled, set up a cake decorating station with sprinkles, edible glitter and icing. After the kids have decorated it go ahead and some number candles for the upcoming 2019 in the cake and when it is time to ring in the New Year, light the candles and let the kids blow them out when the balls finally drops!


Create 2019 Goals 

This is especially great for school aged children. 

Have your child write down what their goals are for the upcoming year, straight A’s, learn a new instrument, make a sports team, whatever they want to accomplish in the New Year. Additionally if this is something you do, each year go over the board of the previous year, see what was accomplished and what was not have the kids talk to what they can do differently in the coming year to accomplish what they were not able to in the previous year. 

               For example: In 2018, I was able to get straight A’s and B’s through the school year, I struggled with math and could make my full goal of straight A’s. For 2019 I plan on working hard in math to get an A instead of a B. 



Find a place nearby that has a Fireworks show.  In Jacksonville every year at The Landing they have a huge Fireworks show that is absolutely spectacular! You could always opt to set off your own fireworks at home and give the kids some sparklers! 



Craft the day away!

If you go on Pinterest you will find a ton of New Year themed crafts. Some of my favorite craft ideas are painting fireworks, DIY noisemakers, hats, confetti poppers and a Countdown clock


I hope that at least one of these ideas inspires you to try something new or start a tradition with your family for New Years. I wish you all a Happy and Safe Holidays!

What do you do with your kids for New Years?

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