Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Sometimes finding stocking stuffers that are actually useful can be difficult. So, I ave compiled this list to make it a bit easier for you to find some practical stocking stuffers that will be used for more than just Christmas Day.


  1. Tool-tensils, My boys love these. The handles look like screwdrivers or wrenches, but the end is a fork/spoon. These add an element of fun to their meals everyday. 

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    2.  Silicon Night Light, These are awesome My kids love that it’s a cute little kitty and I’m not worried about them trying to pull it out of the wall, it is rechargeable and lasts us long through the night. 



   3.  Bathtub crayons and fizzes, these definitely look like a nightmare, but they are super fun for the kids and wash off really easily. It keeps the kids really entertained while they get clean! 



   4.  Books, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a new book. Take their eyes away from the screes and dive into a magical new world. I typically opt for a Christmas book, just because 



    5.  Knit Beanie, it is definitely still going to be winter for a while after Christmas, so keep those little ears and heads warm with a cute beanie!



    6.  New toothbrush, for me this is something that was always in my stocking when I was growing up, so it will be for my kids too! 


   7.  Slippers! Keep those toes warm and toasty all winter long! 



   8.  Snack cups, my favorite are the Skip Hop snack cups, they are toddler friendly looking and no-spill for parents.



   9.   Underwear, we all know the dirty truth of toddler underwear, but they do make a great stocking stuffer!


  10.  Flash cards are a great and sometimes fun way for toddlers to learn



  11. Mess free coloring, these are amazing, I can allow my toddlers to color while I clean up and not worry about coming back into colored walls and furniture



  12. Animal  Figures, these are great for educational play, with your support playing with these can help teach toddlers what animals say and do.



  13. Band-aids are something toddlers can always use, get them a box with their favorite character on them..



  14.  In lieu of candy you can always do applesauce pouches, they are healthier for the kids and less of a sugar high for parents to handle.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Hopefully this was able to help you find what you need for your little ones stocking! What do you put in stockings that wasn’t on this list?

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