The Parenting Alphabet

Some of the most repeated phrases in my home, by letter


Aim inside of the toilet please

Brush your teeth!

Coffee IV please

Dad can get you juice too!

Every toy in the bathtub, really?

F – no explanation necessary

Get off of your brother!

How do you have so much energy?

Is it nap time yet?

Juggling everything in life

Keep your hand to yourself!

Let’s go to Target!

Messy Bun life

No alone time. Even in the bathroom

Organized Chaos is the daily routine


Quiet please

Reading bedtime stories

Silence is not golden, what are you up to?

Take that out of your mouth!


Value the moments

Wine, Wine and more Wine

X’s and O’s

You need to clean this mess up!

Zoo, my house is a zoo

Being a parent for me requires as much humor as patience. Here are some things that are almost essential to my daily life at home with 2 boys. What letter (or letters) rings truest to your home?

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