Best grocery Pick-up for busy parents

Today is your day off, there is no babysitter for the kids and you just need to get groceries. Here we go, as soon as you step into the store

“I have to potty”
“Can we get a toy?”
“I’m hungry”

Well, no more! Walmart and Target have heard our cries and provided a solution! Order online and they bring it to your car!
I’ve used both services myself and here is what I have found


Walmart Pickup requires a $30 order minimum
Target Drive-Up requires no minimum order


Walmart does offer same day, however no locations in my city had same day available. I was able to do next day pick up!
Target had my order ready in less than an hour! (They advertise within 2 hours, but hold your order for up to a week)


Walmart has pretty much everything you can think of available online for pick up. From my orders, if they didn’t have an item, they would substitute it with another brand or size. There has been a recent occurrence where they did not have the item at all and they just refunded my card.
Target had a limited grocery selection. As far as grocery shopping, I would not be able to use their drive up for groceries. They did not allow any cold or frozen items to be purchased. Which makes sense, being that they will hold your order for up to a week.


The Walmart app has a GPS tracking function for when you check in, so that they know how far away you are. Once you arrive a little pop up comes up in the app for you to select the parking spot number you are in. After you have selected your spot number an associate brings out your cart of groceries and reviews any items that were completely out of stock or had to be substituted. They will load up the car for you and you are all done!
The Target app has a check in feature for when you are on the way. Once you have arrived you will tap on the I’m here button and the associate walks out with your items, they will scan the order barcode in your app, then load up your items and you are all done!


Walmart holds strong with their everyday low prices, however if you want to use coupons or rebate apps such as Ibotta, you are not able to
Target still has the same great prices, you are not able to you manufacturers coupons but you can use the Cartwheel app the add deals for your order. Rebate apps are unable to be used with Target as well.

Overall if you need Groceries I would definitely suggest Walmart Pick up over Target, simply for the availability of items and lower prices. However if you’re looking to pick up other things, like cleaning supplies, pet food, clothing, decor or pantry items, Target is definitely a good choice!

If you are looking to try Walmart Pick up: Click here!
For Target Drive-up download the official Target app or go online and select Drive-up!

This is what we got from Walmart recently, Spending a total of $101 (Included in total but not pictured are 40 count bottled water and 18 pound puppy food)
This page shows items that were substituted, what the original item requested and what they substituted it with.
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