15 Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

Just when you are about to take your toddler outside to burn off some energy, it starts raining. This past summer this was all to often a reality in my house. So we made the best of it, here are some ideas for your next rainy day!

1. Coloring – but not just normal coloring pages – get a cardboard box! My kids loved this, it was different and kept them busy for near an hour.


2. Dance Party – Crank up your kids favorite songs and burn off some energy!

3. Grab some blankets and sheets to build a fort!

4. Gather a few of your Childs favorite books and let them read the story to you – this is one of my favorites, the story is often changing in their imaginations!


5. Painting! (I recommend putting down a trash bag first- my grout still has blue stains)


6. Have a party! Blow up some balloons and let them loose


7. Bake some treats! My go to treat to let the kids help with is pre-cut sugar cookies!


8. Let them “help” you clean! My boys love to help mop, sweep and vacuum, and I love that they want to. For now at least


9. Play-doh! Simple and effective

10. Play dress up! Let them check out your closet for props!


11. Pillow fight!

12. Have a puppet show!


13. Gather their favorite stuffed friends and watch a movie


14. Make Macaroni or popcorn jewelry

15. Play with Refrigerator Magnets


If all else fails just take them to play in the rain!

I hope these help keep your toddler happy and occupied next time you’re stuck inside!

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