Happy Halloween!

This year has been pretty fun with the boys.

Alexander has had both good and bad reactions. When we took him into the Halloween store, he absolutely hated it. Everything was terrifying to him, which I can’t really blame him. The Zoo Spooktacular, he loved.
Allister on the other hand has pretty much loved everything. He was afraid of the mean faced pumpkins and that was about it.

I totally wanted to be one of those moms with the family coordinated, DIY costumes. But, let’s face it, I do not have enough time. So we went the store bought route. Allister was Spiderman and Alexander Captain America.
I’m pretty sure they could not care less what I dress them as, they were just excited that they were getting candy.

I’m usually not a huge fan of Haunted Houses, especially for my kids. But we took them through a kiddie haunted house at the zoo, and they didn’t really get scared. It was spider themed, they had hanging bodies in the web, giant spiders and a spider king. I was pretty creeped out myself. bleh

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!

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