Quick tips for C-section

Whether planned or preparing for the unexpected, after having a C-Section can be a million emotions in one, you are being cut open to deliver your baby after all!

I have had two C-sections thus far. The first was an emergency and I was everything but prepared. My second was scheduled so I was much more aware of what I did need.
 Recovery for each was quite different, however there were some commonalities that helped me get through the healing process.

A bit of backstory on myself and medicine, I hate it. The End.

My first C-section the epidural took a while to wear off. I started actually feeling pain around late morning to early afternoon the same day (I had the surgery at 3 a.m.) The pain was still bearable so I declined to take any pain medication thinking This isn’t so bad
Oh boy was I wrong. Not even an hour after being offered pain medication I was calling the nurse in tears to get some. The pain was awful.

Tip number one – Don’t be like me, take the medicine if you start hurting


On a lighter note however, My second C-section was much less painful, I barely took medicine after. I was able to walk normally and resume most daily activities within a week.

The next helpful thing I found was to use a postpartum binder.

They gave me one at the hospital with each surgery. I found it helped a lot with the healing process. The pressure from wearing it helped so much with pain, I was able to do more when I wore it. It also held me together so I felt less like my stomach would bust open.
They sell a lot of different brands online for different binders, honestly though the free hospital one was fine for me.
Bleeding is a thing!

I remember reading a post on a pregnancy board “Do you still bleed if you have a C-Section?”. This may seem a bit silly to some, but we’ve all been there before.
I honestly wasn’t sure when I read the post, but luck have it, I got to find out on my own.
The bleeding was really only bad for the first few days for me. I wore the giant hospital pads and mesh underwear. Then after 3-4 days I moved on to the extra long overnight pads and high waist panties. This experience was common with each of my c-sections.

My final word of advice is not to overwork yourself right away.

Give your body time to heal.

I remember coming home with my first son, my mother in law came with us. I was so embarrassed at the dishes in the sink, laundry in the hamper and other minuscule things that I tried to do them as soon as we got home. Huge fail. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk from the truck to the house. So, I swallowed my pride and watched horrified as she cleaned up my house for me.

Looking back on this moment now, I can’t believe I was so hard on myself. It was over something so simple and silly, when I had much more to worry about, like breastfeeding and sleeping.

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