Morning Routine – Work day

Let’s be honest, having kids has most of us running perpetually late. I’ve found establishing our routine has made it easier for not only me, but the kids as well.

I’ve found that I save myself the most time in the morning by, meal prepping everything on Sunday for the work week. I try to prep as much as possible the night before. I will set out clothes, put what’s needed for the next day together to grab on the way out and preset the coffee maker to brew when my alarm goes off.

Usually my morning starts with…

5:00 a.m. Dragging myself out of bed, straight to put on my clothes, wash my face, brush my hair and brush my teeth.

5:10 Making a cup of coffee for myself and my husband.

5:15 Time to wake up my husband, he gets dressed and takes the dog out to potty

5:30 By now I try to get the kids up, however they usually lay there still sleeping while I change their clothes/diaper. Get them to brush teeth, brush hair, go potty, put on shoes and a cup of milk for the road.

5:40 My husband is usually still out with our dog, she’s eating breakfast. I will toss our containers in the lunch bag with some ice packs.

5:50 It’s crunch time. Whatever odd things I may have missed get done now, pick up toys, turn off hair styler, grab diapers, etc.

5:55 We are piling in the car

6:00 Pulling out of the driveway.

Thankfully my kids stay with family while my husband and I work. So they eat breakfast once we get there, usually oatmeal.

My husband and I work at the same place so we actually get to carpool, which means that makeup routine that is missing from home? Yep. I do it in the car.

This may not work for everyone, but it works for us.

What do you do in the mornings that you find the most helpful to being on time?

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